What Is Your Current Life Goal?

What Is Your Current Life Goal?

To be more wealthy, to lose some weight, to find true love?

Somebody asked me this question yesterday and I hesitated on what to say. When reflecting on my resolutions for 2014 I soon realised that my promises to myself have not changed from last year – In fact I really do not have a resolution embedded in my mind at all! Why not? Well I honestly feel I am doing the best I can do to be a good person, friend and daughter, a better girlfriend, sister, auntie and an honest teacher, to treat my body (bar a few xmas and new year indulgences!) with respect and to keep plodding along the ever winding and challenging path to evolve my physical, mental and spiritual practice. That’s not to say my life isn’t plagued the same as any others with problems but it does mean I’m making it a whole lot easier on myself by dissolving self judgement, conditioned ideals of what a ‘perfect person’ should be like – It’s an empowering achievement when we can release we have the potential to free ourself from our own shackles.
When speaking to friends and students about their resolutions I hear them start the sentence with ‘I want to be…’ and the majority I have come across have been a harmful reflection of negativity towards themselves.
So I guess if I did have to pick a resolution out for myself and for others I would chose ‘to be content with where I am at’. No high demands, no unrealistic goals, no horrific defeats, guilt trips or self doubt if the resolution goes out the window! Just a few ups and downs on the roller-coaster that is life that will challenge and test us along the way.

So I invite you to work on a new resolution which is way more fun and much less stressful – lets continue the year by being happy with who we are, warts and all!

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