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Yoga with Aimee - Iyengar based, therapeutic style of yoga with emphasis largely placed on alignment and controlling the breath.
Yoga with Daniel - A dynamic style primarily focused on the physical, ideal for those looking to build strength.
Yoga with Kristin - A style focused on opening the heart, discovering your own possibilities and learning to work with our body and breath.
Core Express - 3o minute class. A dynamic and energising session that focuses primarily on sculpting the abdominal and core area of the body.
Core & Cardio - A circuit based class combining elements of Core Express and cardiovascular fitness with an added emphasis on calorie burning.
Fit for Fitness - A great opportunity to build confidence and prepare you for a more active lifestyle!
Belly Dance - Shake your hips fit and connect with your inner goddess in this vibrant, energising and fun class!
Energy Hour - High impact, high velocity. Get ready to feel the burn in this power and strength sweat session!
Boxercise - Combining boxing moves and exercises to tone the entire body - a fun stress-busting workout, jab, hook and cross yourself fit in 2013!


For more information contact Aimee:

Yoga class enquiries please call Aimee on Tel: 07564 259 042

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