New Outdoor Yoga Class In Newquay

New Outdoor Yoga Class In Newquay

Starting April 12th 7:30-8:30am – On the grass bank at Esplanade over-looking Fistral Beach.

Health benefits of starting an early morning yoga practice

A detox within a detox! Dissolving the groggy morning feel without the use of caffeine – Yoga boosts metabolism and oxygenates the blood so you receive a natural high from your practice and a more productive day!

A positive start to the day – getting up early to practice yoga can put a skip in your step, yoga increases self esteem, mood, confidence and your general quality of life! The breathwork known as Pranayama combined with the energising physical movements of your body boosts clarity and brightens your day.

There is a certain stillness and calm about the early mornings, most eager early bird surfers know this. It’s a time to reflect on how you want your day to go, pick an affirmation and entwine the peacefulness of practice into our modern daily (mostly hectic) lives.

Yoga gives time back to you. Most of us wake up in the morning and before we’ve even had the chance to roll out of bed have a huge task list to battle through, giving yourself that extra hour dedicated solely to you, your body and your mind creates a refreshing sense of accomplishment and a good work/play balance to your day.

Benefits of Outdoors Yoga

We get to play – taking your practice outside will inspire your practice, calling on your senses will evoke a new passion which in turn will bring out new experiences.

Most of us have heard about the practice of mindfulness, taking a yoga class outside delivers the opportunity to tune into your senses, to understand nature and the intermingling of your perceptions. we can experience how inseparable we are to our environment. We breath the scents of the earth and the aroma of our surroundings, we listen to the waves, birds and gentle hum of our environment, we feel the breeze of the wind touch our skin and our eyes dance in the reflections of the earth’s beauty – from the suns light to the glimmer of the surface of the water. An outdoor practice caresses our every sense, if we listen inwardly we can feel the interconnection between us and nature, the union of all things.

A good dose of much needed Vit D! Did you know that Vitamin D helps boost immunity as well as help out our bones. Research also shows that getting outdoors can help fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and improve sleep.

Yoga Class Enquiries Please Call Aimee on Tel: 07564 259 042

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